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Granite GRC delivers excellence in governance, risk and compliance consulting solutions that enhance your organization and drive business value. Foundational to growth and sustained business success, strong GRC is key for your business’ health and sustainability.


Our diverse team of consultants identify governance, risk, and compliance opportunities and guide you through complex situations to achieve resilient and strong business results.


Maintaining well-honed board and executive oversight standards, processes and information flow, founded in data-based decision-making, is critical for business health.


Successfully predicting, mitigating and managing risks turn legal and regulatory challenges into opportunities for improvement, revenue enhancement and competitive advantage.


Highly regulated environments conceal dangerous pitfalls that are ripe for effective solutions that enhance experiences, revenues and reputations.

IT Solutions

Cyberattacks are a threat to all businesses.  A priority concern, our team focuses on delivering excellent results that enhance your abilities to protect your systems and data.


Our team of consultants have experience in various industries to guide you through a customized approach to find the strategic solutions that best fits your needs.

Anticipating and addressing challenges for your future.