Granite GRC 

About Us

At Granite GRC, we want to see businesses thrive. We understand the unique challenges that organizations face in today’s corporate climate because we’ve been in your shoes.

Our team of expert consultants go beyond responding to incidents when they occur by providing proactive and actionable advice to anticipate organizational challenges for your future.

We help our clients achieve their goals by pairing them with expert consultants who guide them through a wide range of complex situations in highly-regulated industries. Our deep subject matter expertise means that we are able to meet the specific needs of our clients with strategic and research-informed insights.


Our mission is to empower organizations to enhance the strength and resilience of their governance, risk and compliance processes for present and future success.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team is made up of experienced lawyers, medical and business professionals who provide strategic and daily management consulting services to our clients.

Together, we have provided skilled leadership across the range of professional services providers, healthcare and the life sciences, and we are ready to help you achieve your business goals.

Meet our team of expert consultants.